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Forest Friends Help Me Learn Consonant Sounds
Forest Friends Help Me Learn Consonant Sounds

The assessment at PRAYATNA® is both comprehensive and child-friendly.  Using a battery of tests, we assess a child’s literacy and numeracy skills.  In addition, our examiners are trained to make astute observations of a child’s behaviour in order to gain insight into a child’s social, attentional and oral language skills.  The assessment involves a detailed interview with the parents and feedback from the child’s teacher at school.  Further, as we strive to bring out the best in every child, we observe them over multiple sessions if we feel that the child is not performing to his or her optimal level.  If required, we also conduct IQ tests.  A detailed report, often over 10 pages long, is prepared for each child that provides practical suggestions for parents and teachers and a recommended course of action.

Building Vocabulary Through Root Words
Building Vocabulary Through Root Words

Starting from where a child is at, we work on enhancing his or her academic skills using colourful and creative teaching aids that making learning fun and interactive.  Our remedial classes target the following skills:

The unique features of our remedial classes include:

Motivating Kids to Excel
Motivating Kids to Excel


In order to enhance children’s social and communication skills, the centre offers two levels of this program that cater to younger (ages 4-8) and older (ages 8-13) children. Through role plays, skits, interactive games and discussions, this program works with small groups of children to target the pragmatic and social aspects of communication. We help children appreciate the importance of making eye contact, being polite and empathizing with others. The program, covered in 12 sessions, also explores facial expressions, body language and anger management.


To enhance children’s oral proficiency in English, we conduct a program over 22 sessions where children learn to express themselves more effectively. In addition to learning how to frame questions, make comparisons, give and follow directions, this program helps children use language in real-life situations like ordering food in a restaurant, making an appointment with a doctor, buying tickets at a counter etc. Through hands-on activities, like making lime juice and a tomato sandwich, children are exposed to different sentence structures.


In addition to understanding and knowing the content for an exam, children also have to cultivate effective study habits. Often, children do poorly on tests, not because they are not capable of grasping the subject matter, but because of ineffective study skills. This program, which caters to children in Grade VII and above, demystifies the process of studying—right from knowing what to study, to paying attention, understanding the content, memorizing facts and self-testing. Conducted over 10 sessions, this program can be an invaluable asset for children who are daunted by exams.


The highlight of every month during the academic year is the Book Club. Be it riding the Polar Express on a cold, snowy night to tasting delectable delicacies from Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory or outwitting the enormous crocodile who likes to eat children, the Book Club brings alive the splendour and wonder of books. During every session, we read a book and discuss a broader theme that the book touches upon—from tiger conservation to junk food to art appreciation. The Book Club not only encourages children to devour books but also broadens their outlook by making them reflect on themselves and their world.