Teaching Aids for Sale

Teaching Aids to Promote English Language Skills
Where Were We

A game targeting the usage of commonly confused words

Rs. 500

Pros No Cons

A game on pronouns

Rs. 500

Word Building

A game on spelling and vocabulary

Rs. 900

Synonym Sorting

A game targeting vocabulary

Rs. 1200

So Hard So Soft

A game on hard and soft sounds of 'C' and 'G'

Rs. 400

Springs and Strings

A game on three-letter consonant blends (e.g., spr, thr)

Rs. 500

Little Demons

A set of activities targeting elementary sight words.

Rs. 1500

Word Strings

A set of activities targeting syntax.

Rs. 1000

Turning a New Leaf

A game on words with silent consonants like 'autumn'

Rs. 400

One, Two, Many

A game on spelling rules for adding plural endings

Rs. 400

Free the Butterflies

A game on words with double consonants like 'buTTerflies'

Rs. 400


A game on spelling rules for forming comparative & superlative forms -e.g., long, longer, longest

Rs. 500

Peacock’s Plume

A game on spelling rules for adding past tense and present continuous tense endings

Rs. 400

Sound It Out

A set of four games on consonant sounds

Rs. 500

Question Quest

A game on usage of question words like ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’, etc.

Rs. 400

Hawk’s Eye

A game targeting proofreading skills for spelling and syntax.

Rs. 400

Subtle Trouble

A game targeting syntax and comprehension

Rs. 400

Dear Deer

A game on homophones

Rs. 500

Polly Spells

A set of activities on spelling polysyllabic words

Rs. 1200

'R.A.S.E.' Ahead

A set of 15 games for enhancing reading & spelling skills (consonant blends; short-vowel sounds; long-vowel patterns)

Rs. 1500