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Purpose of this Blog

Aruna Sankaranarayanan

Since 1998, I have been running a centre for children with learning difficulties called PRAYATNA ( that has branches in Bangalore and Chennai. The main activities of the centre include assessing children and providing intervention to children who struggle to cope in mainstream classrooms. The centre also develops innovative teaching aids, counsels parents and conducts a training program for teachers and parents. In addition, PRAYATNA runs a book club for children and has developed programs for developing children’s social and communication skills. The centre also runs a study skills program to help children learn more effectively.

Running PRAYATNA has indeed been a life-altering experience for me. Over the course of these years, I have interacted with scores of children with indomitable spirits who fight the odds against them, parents who have been pillars of strength and cradles of compassion and schools that have dared to challenge conventional wisdom. On the other hand, I have also dealt with kids who are sinking under parental and school pressure, parents who prefer denial to dealing with a problematic issue and schools that close their doors to special children.

In order to help children, parents and teachers, the team at PRAYATNA continually seeks new methods. We read books and journals in the hope of finding concrete and practical solutions to children’s social, emotional and learning problems. And it is indeed gratifying to see a strategy actually working on a child or a parent who says that her home is a lot calmer after undergoing our counselling program.

As the PRAYATNA Team would like to share these methods and insights with a wider audience, we created the blog In Sync with Kids: Parenting & Teaching Today’s Kids.